science wins!

in actuality nothing exists, because the instant that it becomes real, its gravitational pull collapses it back into nothing. that is why nothing is permanent and everything evolves. the nature of existence is an eternal evolution and the law of existence is manifestation. we are existence manifesting itself repeatedly. +1 existence! +1 psychedelics! +1 science! +1 gee! +1 existence! we are living the story of matter trying to become real. it is wholly scientific, undetermined yet predestined. i have the feeling that it will make our job easier. it is an explanation of reality that seems unparalleledly (i have already recommended to that they make it into a word) sensible and i do hope for it to become the new common model of reality. i think a nonexistence of matter should be accompanied by a realization of the nonexistence of heaven,  hell, and with some time, a dramatic reorganization of society and abolition of capital. there was never any magical force that acted upon subatomic particles influencing the big bang. we are living the story of matter trying to become real. every instant, the entire world disintegrates about you and comes back together in less than a moment. that is why things evolve, and shall be how we continue for all eternity. to make life enjoyable it helps to make it a priority to be personably impersonal in all of your relationships and consequent interactions. peace


time and space

time and space are codependent – one cannot exist without the other. space can not exist without time, because in order to define space, you need two things – a here and a there. without time, at the same moment you are here, you are also there, as you can not travel without time over which to do so. you no longer have the two things which are necessary to define space, since the two have become one and the same. without space you have no room for the creation of matter, so existence can not be physical, it is in fact mathematical, or vibrational. frequencies define the color of light as well as the pitch of a sound, so there you have the makings for our world, which is experienced primarily through light and sound. there is, of course, pressure as well, but that can easily be likened to the intensity of the vibration itself. the vibration is changing in its intensity constantly, and so our world is one of change. what’s more, this vibration is changing in intensity in such a way that its experience is, overall, constantly improving, it is in other words, evolving. its course is set, there is no changing of what it will do, and therefore there is no free will, or you do have free will, but it is inconsequential, as you have no choice but to have it, and likewise, things have no choice but to happen as they will happen. as there is no free will, or it is inconsequential, destiny is in fact, real. perception is what this vibration is taking place among and is constantly rationed into lifeforms, or, you, me, and every other intelligent lifeform. we are watching existence evolve, and no one can take any credit for what it does, save for existence itself (which is widely referred to by a large number of terms, of which the most common is now god). existence is instantaneous, as we can all tell through its experience. time does not exist as such, or put more understandably, as it is how we measure the progress of our day, it is continuous rather than constant. work with me for our future.

i have recently discovered the best message ever
and deeply desire to share it with you:

that is a bummer, thank you for your effort
i’m sorry it didn’t work out, it is good to be here

i consider all you say as
to the degree my head can conjure


planet earth – training ground?

we are living on a beautiful planet and optimally, it will only grow more beautiful as we all learn the truth. there are a few things that are undeniably important to do – first and foremost is recycling. the fact that we are not all doing this blows my mind, but it is understandable where facilities have not been developed, and so i would encourage their development wherever they do not exist. my mother’s home, houston, does a reasonably good job of this, the only thing that they lack are the facilities at which plastic #6 can be recycled, and that does breed a distaste for that particular plastic in me. but, in the city in which i currently reside, pasadena, plastic #6 can be recycled (i am under that impression as i recall having had read it somewhere), so i know that it is possible. everyone is asked to encourage houston to develop those facilities, as the chances of success will increase along with the number of people who make an effort to see these centers developed. it is of primary importance that you see them developed in your area first, as recycling is, as noted above, undeniably important. the reason i refer to planet earth as a training ground is that i am reasonably sure that our destiny is universal colonization and unification. other steps remain to be taken, however, as our planet is choking on our carbon dioxide emissions, as well as it’s waterways and forestry suffer. is it not obvious? i am trying to bring about the kingdom of heaven!

most definitely thank you

i have heard (and i am almost sure that you have as well) that it imparts a fair share of health benefits to give thanks. if this is the case, i most definitely want to be giving thanks as often as is possible. seeing as how we all can be god (or preferred term), and therefore we have all played an equal role in creating such an astoundingly beautiful universe to entertain ourselves with, i am able to give a mental “thank you” at all times, which i do try and accomplish. the intensity of my thanking only increases in considering the fact that we have put so much effort into creating a world where suffering is undeniably unavoidable, but will decrease, constantly, at an unbelievably rapid, though insensible, pace. i am looking forward to reaping the guaranteed benefits of such in the future, which i am guaranteed to experience, as are we all. if you see fit, please help and publicize this blog.


i was going to try and give jesus (yes, that jesus) an introduction that would make him sound appropriately human, because that is what this post is about, his humanity, and that is all, there will be no talk of supernatural dualisms. when jesus said “i will come again”, he most definitely was not lying, he was referring to a unity lying within him that, in fact, lies within all of us. jesus was god, but then again, we all can be god, as god can be the hidden element in that duality that flows through all of us. all of that miracle business was implemented into the story of his life so that we would believe it, and it was successful. when he said “i will come again”, he was referring to the energy that flowed through his body, that flows through all of our bodies, and that a few have chosen to term “god”. we are eternal, or gloriously persistent. i yearn to see all of humanity realize its true unity, making “heaven” real. get excited, this is real, and involves you. this news cannot be known soon enough. if you have ideas for its spread, contact grow. peace

let’s begin

you are eternal, or at least until entropy is disproved, gloriously persistent. anyone who would tell you otherwise is either an agency of a religious official or some other absence of sense. the universe is mathematical, there is no free will. why does that bother you, if it does? are you not still free to go out and enjoy yourself however you please? just be aware that however you please will not be left up to question, so much as to your individual preferences and scenario. time is instantaneous. what that means is that past and future do not exist but for one ever-changing instant. discussion may be had, but the previous leaves little to be discussed, really.