most definitely thank you

i have heard (and i am almost sure that you have as well) that it imparts a fair share of health benefits to give thanks. if this is the case, i most definitely want to be giving thanks as often as is possible. seeing as how we all can be god (or preferred term), and therefore we have all played an equal role in creating such an astoundingly beautiful universe to entertain ourselves with, i am able to give a mental “thank you” at all times, which i do try and accomplish. the intensity of my thanking only increases in considering the fact that we have put so much effort into creating a world where suffering is undeniably unavoidable, but will decrease, constantly, at an unbelievably rapid, though insensible, pace. i am looking forward to reaping the guaranteed benefits of such in the future, which i am guaranteed to experience, as are we all. if you see fit, please help and publicize this blog.


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