planet earth – training ground?

we are living on a beautiful planet and optimally, it will only grow more beautiful as we all learn the truth. there are a few things that are undeniably important to do – first and foremost is recycling. the fact that we are not all doing this blows my mind, but it is understandable where facilities have not been developed, and so i would encourage their development wherever they do not exist. my mother’s home, houston, does a reasonably good job of this, the only thing that they lack are the facilities at which plastic #6 can be recycled, and that does breed a distaste for that particular plastic in me. but, in the city in which i currently reside, pasadena, plastic #6 can be recycled (i am under that impression as i recall having had read it somewhere), so i know that it is possible. everyone is asked to encourage houston to develop those facilities, as the chances of success will increase along with the number of people who make an effort to see these centers developed. it is of primary importance that you see them developed in your area first, as recycling is, as noted above, undeniably important. the reason i refer to planet earth as a training ground is that i am reasonably sure that our destiny is universal colonization and unification. other steps remain to be taken, however, as our planet is choking on our carbon dioxide emissions, as well as it’s waterways and forestry suffer. is it not obvious? i am trying to bring about the kingdom of heaven!


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