time and space

time and space are codependent – one cannot exist without the other. space can not exist without time, because in order to define space, you need two things – a here and a there. without time, at the same moment you are here, you are also there, as you can not travel without time over which to do so. you no longer have the two things which are necessary to define space, since the two have become one and the same. without space you have no room for the creation of matter, so existence can not be physical, it is in fact mathematical, or vibrational. frequencies define the color of light as well as the pitch of a sound, so there you have the makings for our world, which is experienced primarily through light and sound. there is, of course, pressure as well, but that can easily be likened to the intensity of the vibration itself. the vibration is changing in its intensity constantly, and so our world is one of change. what’s more, this vibration is changing in intensity in such a way that its experience is, overall, constantly improving, it is in other words, evolving. its course is set, there is no changing of what it will do, and therefore there is no free will, or you do have free will, but it is inconsequential, as you have no choice but to have it, and likewise, things have no choice but to happen as they will happen. as there is no free will, or it is inconsequential, destiny is in fact, real. perception is what this vibration is taking place among and is constantly rationed into lifeforms, or, you, me, and every other intelligent lifeform. we are watching existence evolve, and no one can take any credit for what it does, save for existence itself (which is widely referred to by a large number of terms, of which the most common is now god). existence is instantaneous, as we can all tell through its experience. time does not exist as such, or put more understandably, as it is how we measure the progress of our day, it is continuous rather than constant. work with me for our future.

i have recently discovered the best message ever
and deeply desire to share it with you:

that is a bummer, thank you for your effort
i’m sorry it didn’t work out, it is good to be here

i consider all you say as
to the degree my head can conjure



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