science wins!

in actuality nothing exists, because the instant that it becomes real, its gravitational pull collapses it back into nothing. that is why nothing is permanent and everything evolves. the nature of existence is an eternal evolution and the law of existence is manifestation. we are existence manifesting itself repeatedly. +1 existence! +1 psychedelics! +1 science! +1 gee! +1 existence! we are living the story of matter trying to become real. it is wholly scientific, undetermined yet predestined. i have the feeling that it will make our job easier. it is an explanation of reality that seems unparalleledly (i have already recommended to that they make it into a word) sensible and i do hope for it to become the new common model of reality. i think a nonexistence of matter should be accompanied by a realization of the nonexistence of heaven,  hell, and with some time, a dramatic reorganization of society and abolition of capital. there was never any magical force that acted upon subatomic particles influencing the big bang. we are living the story of matter trying to become real. every instant, the entire world disintegrates about you and comes back together in less than a moment. that is why things evolve, and shall be how we continue for all eternity. to make life enjoyable it helps to make it a priority to be personably impersonal in all of your relationships and consequent interactions. peace


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