new post – rarely occurs

this is a post i just made on google+, but is so important, i think that everyone needs to read it as soon as possible:

i am tired. but today i have had a confusingly long, visionary, and homeless day. thankfully i now am seated in my couch, sipping (or rather gulping), a 40 oz. bottle of chilled, pleasantly cool, water. i had dropped my key to my uncle’s gate at a fall i had taken at the gas station, or perhaps at another point on my way home, as i was tripping balls on dxm (hence the visionary qualities of my day), and consequently, could not reach my home (which is an apartment in my uncles backyard). thankfully i had my two bottles of dxm in a bag slung over my right arm. everything we have been told is true, and i am most definitely thankful to jesus for pointing me in that direction in which i needed to head. i also have the whole of humanity to thank, meaning you, of course, as how else could i have known the depths of hell (experienced by our factory farmed cattle as well as, to a, most certainly lesser degree, people in third world and developing countries), as well as the incomparable joys of heavenly bliss (thank you psychoactive substances – we did it, guys). understand that all i’ve told you is true, death is merely a transition, as we are eternal. i realized that life is ultimately paradoxical  and that an eternal paradise is the equivalent of a fabulously entertaining boredom. the most of a true goal that we can have is unlimited enjoyment, which seems almost obvious, doesn’t it?

comments i posted below:

1 – think about it – where is jesus today? he might have been in that slice of ham on your sandwich at lunch. or perhaps in your roast beef last night. in fact he has been in all the meat you have eaten.

2 – please – let everyone know, and if you can’t make sense of it, contact me at we need to make changes – asap! the book is closed, the bible has been finished. peace.


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