finished! (only a feeling?)

yo, i am excited. i’ve just returned from an intense workout at the y and developed several promising ideas. it is important that you remember all that i’ve said before while digesting this information. we are one with all life as the ultimate, beyond a shadow of a doubt. as so, we are all eternal, extending infinitely, in every dimension, as every life form that exists. hell + heaven are real, and the universe has unfolded so that we may come to imagine their reality even as vividly as they are experienced + remembered. it is vital to us that we employ our imagination because those events that we see in p.e.t.a videos + the like are really happening, however luckily imperceptible they are, that is the ultimate’s view of our hell. we must consider all life in all of our decisions so that no instance suffers. see how we can abolish hell? to welcome in heaven, you will need to trust me, unless you already have used psychoactive substances and experienced the bliss they will no doubt encourage. my view of heaven was delivered to me over ten years ago in an intravenous injection of methamphetamine. i remember thinking, with certainty, that the way i felt was the best way that it was possible to feel and if it could persist forever that it would be eternal paradise. over the subsequent years, i have slowly convinced myself of our eternity, and realized that it would be possible for that experience to persist forever. it has been since the beginning of life, and gravity has reached into a singularity to organize itself into into our existence. once this knowledge is had by all, we will be on our way to an eternal paradise. of course, only on our way. we must cease carnivorism and encourage all other predators to do the same, which is most surely possible with this science with which we can produce complete + palatable proteins. we must begin experimenting with the usage of psychoactive of substances on other life, as their brains have no doubt developed similarly to our own. hopefully you can see how paradise will be made eternal as soon as it is made to exist for all life, all of the time. it is good that you know the horrors of hell through merely witnessing our actions. be joyfully considerate, for our future will continue much as time has progressed.


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